Frisby on the Wreake Parish Council

Serving the people of Frisby on the Wreake

Clerk: Sue Norledge
12 Orton Close, Rearsby
Leicester LE7 4XZ

Tel: 01664 424009

Welcome to Frisby on the Wreake Parish Council's website. We hope that you will be able to find the information that you require but if you cannot, please contact the Clerk on 01664424009 or .

The Council meets in the Methodist Hall approximately 9 times a year usually on the second Tuesday of the month.

Latest News

Frisby Parish Council - Covid19

Posted: Mon, 30 Mar 2020 18:53 by Sue Norledge

Due to the current Covid19 crisis the PC is not able to meet. However, it is hoped over the next few weeks that the government will amend the regulations to allow PC's to meet remotely. We will update you when receive further details. In the meantime the Clerk has delegated powers in consultation with the Councillors to take action decisions that cannot wait until the situation has resolved itself.

Melton Community Support Hub

Posted: Mon, 30 Mar 2020 18:53 by Sue Norledge

Melton Community Support Hub

We wrote to you a few weeks ago about the establishment of a Melton Community Support Hub and I am sure that you will have seen our communications following on from this. Obviously the NHS has since identified around 1.5 million people nationally with certain pre-existing medical conditions who are considered at very high risk of severe illness from Coronavirus because of an underlying health condition. Individuals in this category will have been contacted directly by the NHS and advised to 'shield' themselves for 12 weeks and to also indicate if they need any help with food deliveries or medicines. Anyone who has been contacted by the NHS should respond as requested through the NHS website or telephone number provided so they can get the necessary support they need. We don't yet know how many people fall into this category within the Borough but it is likely to be approximately 1,000; though the numbers requiring assistance will be less than this. More »

Using locally held data we have however also identified approximately 7,000 households across the Borough where other potentially vulnerable people may live. This doesn't just relate to a medical need; but also where people may have limited resources or be at increased risk due to their age. We have started writing to these households to advise them of the support available through the Melton Community Support Hub.

The Melton Community Support Hub is here to help those in the Borough who need support which cannot be met by existing support workers, neighbours, friends or family networks. If anyone in your parish need assistance contact us and we will seek to match them with available support in the locality.

Types of assistance we may be able to support residents with could include:

  • Essential shopping including provision of food parcels
  • Working with yourself and partners to facilitate delivery of necessary medical prescriptions
  • Working with partners to enable appropriate social contact
  • Responding to or tackling any anti-social behaviour
  • Financial advice and support including dealing with council tax or rent

Residents can contact our Community Support Hub in the following ways:

Cancellation of Frisby Parish Council meeting - Tuesday 17th March

Posted: Tue, 17 Mar 2020 11:54 by Sue Norledge

Good Morning, just to let everyone know that the PC meeting due to be held tonight on Tuesday 17th March has been cancelled. This is due to concerns about the current Covid19 outbreak and taking into account the guidelines issued by the Government yesterday evening which has resulted in the meeting being inquorate. It is hoped that legislation will shortly passed to allow PC's to hold meetings remotely and we will update you as soon as possible to let you know when this will happen.